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About JVD-RC

Welcome at the Official JVD-RC website, home of a Dutch RC model car parts brand. We produce RC model car related products in our own workshop in De Lier, the Netherlands. Our team commits itself to test, develop and create the most durable clutches and other parts on the market. We can maintain this high quality by keeping the production in-house, which is an unique fact in this low-cost production era. The efficiency and expertise of our team allow us to create the most durable clutches while keeping it affordable.

At JVD-RC, we believe in controlling our production processes and checking our products down to the smallest detail. This is possible because JVD-RC owns and controls the whole production process from raw materials to finished product. From design and craftsmanship to production, quality testing and sales, JVD-RC controls every step of the process, ensuring the high JVD-RC quality.

JVD-RC wishes to be as close to our customers as possible. Therefore, we manage our sales activities close to the hobby- and model car stores worldwide. This makes that JVD-RC products are worldwide available. We distribute via wholesale, retail and e-commerce.