Become dealer of our products

JVD-RC produces a number of products we offer on this website. In addition to the customer, we also supply distributors, merchants and the better model shops.

Price guarantee
From our organization there is a minimum selling price. Compliance with this reserve price is one of the conditions for future deliveries. You will not find JVD-RC products on Ebay or market place. Also you will not find the products of JVD-RC dump in stores.

We provide an opportunity for your organization: You can also be agent of JVD-RC. JVD-RC deliveres the best quality and therefore offers great opportunities for your company. We offer support for your business, including a professional website with information.

Contact us!
If your organization have recognized these developments and you have the knowledge and dedication to be successful in this market? If you are interested do not hesitate, please feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form on this page.