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hazy uit

Extreme durable

Easy to install

Complete clutch system

hazy uit

Crafted in the Netherlands

Worldwide available

The choice of champions

Extreme durable

Made from the best quality materials



Available at all the best RC model car shops in the world!
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JVD-RC.com: the home of the famous JVD-RC clutch system for RC model cars

JVD-RC has developed and is producing the worldwide successful  JVD-RC clutch system. The JVD-RC clutch system is a 4 shoe style clutch and comes factory assembled, ready to bolt on the .21~.30ci nitro engines of most 1/8th scale off-road buggies and truggies .

If you are looking for an easy to assemble clutch with loads of variable settings available by using springs and combination of them all, look no further!
 The JVD-RC Clutch system combines low clutch shoe wear with longer lasting clutch bell bearings, and most of all it’s easy to assemble and dis-assemble.

JVD-RC produce all RC Car clutch systems in our own workshop in De Lier, the Netherlands. Our team commits itself to test, develop and create the most durable clutches on the market. We can only maintain this high quality by keeping the production in-house, which is an unique fact in this low-cost production era. The efficiency and expertise of our team allow us to create the most durable clutches while keeping it affordable.